Nutrition Logs For Weight Loss Success

Research has proven time and  time again that keeping a food log increases weight loss success by 60-70%. Unless you know your successes, your pitfalls, your weaknesses, or just plain old bad habits- it’s hard to change them. Seeing your food detailed throughout the day gives you a great picture of what you need to work on, right? Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues my clients have in keeping logs is finding the time to do them. Yes, I know, excuses, excuses. But some may be valid- as keeping a detailed food log takes time and planning,  and doing a log for weeks on end can be challenging. So, in an effort to find easier ways for my clients to be successful in journaling, and to offset excuses, excuses, I will ask the client to tailor the log to their specific issues.  First, I always ask them to do whole day detailed logs for three days to one week to assess the problems. Then, once problems are identified, we can tailor the logs more specifically. For example, if day time eating has  been shown to be healthy, but night time is problematic, I will ask my clients to do a food log just from 4pm on. This is so much more doable- and  lessens the likelihood of finding an excuse not to do it. Or, if unconscious snacking is a problem, and meals are not, I ask the client to write down every snack they eat that is not during a meal. This simplifies and amplifies things, as seeing just the problematic eating really hits home. If you are having problems keeping food logs, try this, and see if it eliminates your excuses!


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