We Were Born to Run

A fascinating article in Nature magazine suggests that evolutionarily, all humans are created to run. The researchers theorize that the human form is a perfect running machine; large gluteals providing balance, long legs, shorter arms and the structure of the foot and elastic achilles tendon all point towards great mechanics for running. Other positives like ample sweat glands, minimal body hair and the ability to breath through the nose and mouth are additional signs that we were “Born to Run”. So, how did we stray so far from our perfect nature? I wish I knew the answer- but what I do know, is that we clearly were NOT born to sit hunched over a computer all day, lie on the couch every evening, and drive through fast food restaurants to fill ourselves with fat, cholesterol and chemicals- all disguised as lousy tasting food that we pretend is “a treat”. While our lives have been made easier by many wonderful conveniences, we cannot be dumb enough to think that these things are good for us. So let’s try and get back to nature- back to basics! Eat whole, fresh foods from the earth, get out and enjoy the outdoors, no matter what season- and, for the adventurous among you- start to run! Or maybe just walk…….