Latest Health and Fitness Research Updates

Here are important updates and information which may impact YOUR health:

  1. Dr. John Marymont of Baylor University reported that two inch high heels increase the pressure on the ball of the foot by 50%, causing neuromas, hammer toes and bunions, resulting in millions of dollars each year in health care costs. Don’t fool yourself ladies! Not only are high heels the cause of these unattractive and painful conditions, but high heels also can cause knee, ankle and back pain, not to mention increasing our risk for falls and ankle sprains. Is it worth it?
  2. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine examined the role of dieting on bone loss. They found that participants who lost weight by diet alone also lost 2-2.2% bone tissue at the hip, spine and femur, areas at great risk for fractures. Those participants who lost weight with diet AND exercise did not show bone loss. We have always known that dieting can cause a loss of muscle tissue, but now we know bone loss results as well. This has huge implications for older women at risk for osteoporosis who are trying to lose weight. Exercise is a must!
  3. Italian researchers have shown that thin women with high body fat (30% or greater) have higher levels of the inflammatory chemicals which are a marker for cardiovascular disease. Prior to this, the belief was that weight and BMI alone was the major factor in whether someone has increased cardiovascular risk. These women had low BMI and low body weight, but higher than optimal body fat, and higher than norml inflammatory markers. It IS possible to be thin and overfat and unhealthy! Many women I have worked with are thin, but lack muscle tone and have higher levels of bodyfat than expected. Now we know their risk for heart disease is also higher!