Personal Best Continues to Grow

Several exciting things are happening here at Personal Best!
First, I passed my CSCS exam – Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist– and am now among a select few who have this highly regarded certification. CSCS is the primary certification for personal trainers, athletic trainers and physical therapists who wish to work with high level athletes of all sports, ranging from football to soccer, field hockey to cheerleading. I hope to continue to provide you with detailed information and education regarding the fascinating field of sports specific conditioning.

Secondly, within the next several months, I will be hosting a cable TV show on Hudson Cable CTV-8. The show will feature instruction on various exercise routines and proper exercise technique, interviews and panel discussions, yoga classes and more. I will keep you posted on when the show will be shown on CTV-8, and would love your feeback on the program. If you have any ideas for the show, feel free to email me at I’d love to hear from you!

If you are not a Hudson resident, you’ll miss me- but I hope to be able to obtain copies of these shows for all of my clients and friends. It should be quite amusing for all of us- myself included. My children are mortified at the proposition that I may be on TV- the ultimate embarassment for them!

Lastly- I encourage you all to take risks and shoot for the moon in all you do! These were two risky things for me to try, but unless you try, you will never know whether it is possible to achieve! I learned so much from studying for the CSCS exam, that the actual test taking itself became secondary to the knowledge and experience I gained. It’s not about the outcome- it’s about the journey!