Upcoming Classes and Workshops from Personal Best

Personal Best is “best” known for it’s one-on-one training, but did you know we offer a variety of workshops and classes?

This summer, Karen Scafidi of Personal Best, will offer Bootcamp Classes through Hudson Park and Recreation Department. Classes will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6am. 

Nordic Walking Classes will be offered throughout the spring and summer as well, with classes being held on Wednesday evenings at 5:15 beginning in May, and Saturday mornings throughout the spring and summer. Saturday mornings are run by Sheri Rohr, currently at 10:30am, but will move to an earlier time for the summer.

Personal Best is also holding self-esteem workshops for teen age girls. Karen and I are “Dove Real Beauty Workshop” facilitators, holding our first workshop on May 19th at JFK Middle School in Hudson. This workshop is free to teen girls ages 11-13 and their Moms or other female mentors.

Finally, during these tough economic times,  consider GROUP personal training as a great way to stay motivated at a cost effective price. GROUP training offers great results, fun workouts and comraderie at half the price per person of traditional one-one-one training.  There is no need to forgo good health just because we need to tighten our economic belts.

For more information on these workshops and classes email me at Kathy@personalbestpersonaltraining.com