What have we done to ourselves?

Last week, I took my Mother up to the hospital for some  doctor appointments. While waiting in the lobby and doctor waiting rooms, I had the opportunity to observe customers and patients throughout the hospital. What I saw was very sad. Patients, as well as those accompanying patients,  as well as hospital staff, were overwhelmingly overweight. Some could barely walk due to their obesity. My observations confimed national statistics- 60-70% of Americans  are overweight/obese. Normal weight citizens, or those only slightly overweight, are now the minority.


  • We’ve eaten with abandon. We’ve ignored our natural hunger and fullness cues and have no idea of how much food is normal and what types of food best feed us.
  • We don’t care what is in our food, as long as it tastes greasy and filling.  Sugar, preservatives, chemicals, saturated and trans fats fill our foods. And we don’t care.
  • We’ve allowed chain and fast food restaurants to create huge fat filled meals and we still eat them without complaint.
  • We don’t want to do the real nutrition work- we look for diets, cleanses, the quick fix, none of which work.
  • We avoid the discomfort of exercise, even minimal exercise like walking. Exercise is hard work- get over it!


  • You can stop eating at chain and fast food restaurants. This will send the message that we are no longer going to tolerate crappy, artificial food!
  • You can choose whole foods- from the ground, from nature. No chemicals, preservatives or processed foods. If we all ate fruits, veggies, lean meats and dairy and healthy fats, NO ONE would be overweight. NO ONE.
  • You can begin exercising- any small amount is a step forward. Something is always better than nothing.
  • You can stop dieting and start creating personal awareness around your food choices by keeping a food log. The truth hurts! But until you know where you are, you can not know where to go!
  • You can slow down, stay present and become more aware when you are full and when you are hungry. Sit to eat. Eat slowly, enjoy every bite-  but do it with knowledge and awareness.

It is estimated that by the year 2040, 80% of all children will   be overweight. Is this the legacy we really want to leave our children?